Executive Coaching

Who Seeks Coaching

Business owners operate in three sphere: as the Owner of the wealth, the head of the Business, and provider to the Family. No small feat. Coaching ensures you fulfill these roles to the best of your ability by offering a unique learning environment to be better: better drivers of profitability, better leaders of people and better decision-makers.


Why Seek Coaching

Great executive coaching distinctively helps leaders see themselves as the source of growth. Leaders seek coaching for two distinct reasons. Sometimes the trajectory of the owner is clear and coaching is about fine-tuning. Other times it’s about challenging old assumptions to clear the way for new thinking.

SFScenariosChart030615In both cases, leaders seek an executive coach for honest self-analysis.

What Happens In Coaching

Self-awareness is a leader’s ultimate competitive advantage. Whether you are looking to shave a second off your best time or overcome a roadblock, coaching is a ready resource for you. The coaching relationship is the catalyst for peak performance — the exact ingredient for being a better leader and running a stronger company.

  1. A deep connection with a coach for honest self-analysis.
  2. A confidential and continuous dialogue for testing new ideas, challenging old assumptions, and choosing to evolve your mindset  which then informs every decision you make
  3. The hard and necessary introspection on the impact of your words and actions on others.
  4. Reflection on the consequences of your decisions, both intended and unintended, and the ability to incorporate lessons learned for future decisions.
  5. Passion and energy that propels you to do great things and achieve the success you want and deserve.

Once a leader begins to use these experiences for their own development, they then use them to develop their leadership team. Ultimately, the lessons executives learn don’t stop with them, they are deliberately transferred to every member of the organization and help revitalize every level of the company.