Ever feel like you are stuck in a power struggle and cannot break free? Maybe with your business partner, your boss, spouse. Are you locked in despite exhausting efforts to figure a way out?

These 8 point bucks met their demise together, antlers locked, entangled in a tragic, uncompromising stalemate.

In good times, solid strategy, good decision making and teamwork are at the core of your playbook. In bad times, your thinking narrows, your perspective shrinks, you lose sight of the end game.

In truth we are born with the capacity for ego and pride as well as forgiveness and generosity. You have the power to choose your course. You have the power to choose your perspective. Ask yourself what you were born to do over the course of your lifetime? Succumb to your circumstance or reach your potential?

You are a leader of a family, a company, a community. You are a leader of ideas and ideals. Step away from what is pulling you down or holding you back. Gain perspective. Come to the exhilarating conclusion that you are the determining factor.

Stacy Feiner

About Stacy Feiner

Dr. Stacy Feiner is an executive coach for the middle market, and author of Talent Mindset: The Business Owner’s Guide To Building Bench Strength. Stacy brings psychological strategies to business owners that help them improve their performance and advance their organizations. Stacy is a licensed psychologist, executive coach, author and national speaker » READ MORE