Recruiting is a Team Sport

Face it, the costs of poor talent management processes are staggering: A bad hire can cost up to 10 times salary; ready performers lacking clear goals and objectives perform to only 60 percent of their potential; and failing to have a succession plan can cost you your company. The good news about recruiting is if you’re doing it well, it is to your credit. And if your process is broken, it is completely in your control to fix.

Let’s start with Recruiting. Think differently about recruiting. First, think of recruiting as a team sport. Throughout the talent acquisition process, working as a team and circulating ideas and information helps the team identify patterns of behavior of a candidate and reduce random opinions of the interviewers. The team should consist of the hiring manager who owns the process and the final decision; a human resources partner who supports the process; and a small group of stakeholders who will rely in some way on the quality of talent hired into this position.

Second, before you start a search or offer a promotion, have the team come together to clearly define the role. Beyond the daily functions, might other departments have secondary needs for this position? It is powerful when multiple leaders are engaged in the new hires success rather than various leaders unintentionally pulling the new hire in different directions.

Third, prepare the interviewers for the interviews. Meet as a team before the interviews to assign a specific set of questions to each interviewer. Meet as a team after the interviews to compare notes. Make sure each interviewer understands what information they are expected to get from their interviews because the team will expect to hear it. Good decisions are dependent on it.

Finally, consider that if you want top talent in your company, you must perform like top talent. Recruiting is just as much about the company showing up strong as it is about candidates doing the same. Recruiting is a big job. The decisions are lasting, and the impact far reaching. Think differently about recruiting. Own it.

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Stacy Feiner

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