Father & Son Stalemate

Steve was the 67 year-old founder of a medical equipment distribution company. He had anticipated for many years that his son would take over the business when Steve retired. Steve’s dilemma was that he was ready to retire but didn’t think his son was ready to run the company.


Steve was disappointed with his son and frustrated by his seemingly impossible retirement. Steve couldn’t see his son as doing anything but frustrating his plans and bottle-necking the process.


Steve admitted he had provided no formal operational training to his son, no systematic introductions to vendors or clients, and had no real assessment of his son’s potential long term. Steve got an education on what it really takes to ready a successor. We redefined the dilemma in terms of Steve being ready to transition and his son being on a learning curve.


We created a time frame that mapped a parallel process for both of them. We built a curriculum for the son after conducting a battery of assessments. The data predicted a time frame for the son’s learning curve which in turn provided a light at the end of the tunnel for Steve. Now Steve and his son were able to engage the process together with shared outcome goals rather than floundering alone. In the end, there were no regrets.

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Stacy Feiner

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