Letter To Client

Middle market companies are anything but generic; they are in fact organic. Therefore, knowingly or not, business owners lead with an organic sense of leadership that is closer to the source of value-creation and deserves a different approach.

Just as a point of reference: There are 20 million small and medium-sized enterprises in the United States, the majority of them closely-held or family-owned. These owner-operated businesses and their larger mid-cap brethren employ 60% of our US population. Every middle-market company has the power to build economic sustainability and stability. Yet they are vulnerable to forces that impede growth. My mission is to strengthen middle-market companies by coaching business owners to develop the mental fortitude to peak perform as leaders.

Running a successful business requires mental fortitude.

It’s one thing to run a successful business over the course of your career. It’s a whole other thing to pass your life’s work on to the next generation. Getting people to a shared vision is the essence of sustainability because the quality of the outcome is dependent on the quality of the process. However it is also challenging. Coaching clears the channels that allow your family, team, and the host of stakeholder to envision the future together and work to sustain a legacy. Anything worth having is worth working for.


About Stacy Feiner

Dr. Stacy Feiner is an executive coach for the middle market, and author of Talent Mindset: The Business Owner’s Guide to Building Bench Strength. Stacy brings psychological strategies to business owners that help them improve their performance and advance their organizations.

Stacy’s methodology addresses complex dynamics within owner-operated companies, family businesses, management teams and boards. She coaches leaders on how to solve people-problems that clear the way for driving strategy, growing profitability and eventually transitioning to the next generation.

Stacy takes business owners and stakeholder teams through critical phases of leadership and organizational transitions with a framework that makes change possible. She facilitates family retreats, board meetings and adviser meetings to improve the circulation of ideas, the quality of decision-making and accountability. The goal is to help middle market companies move successfully through continuous transitions, and ensure that people across an enterprise create a competitive advantage.

Stacy earned her doctorate in clinical psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology, MS from Northeastern University, and BA from Hobart & William Smith Colleges. She lived and worked in Asia and studied under Léon Danco. Stacy is a licensed psychologist, executive coach, author, national speaker, and director at BDO USA – Management Consulting. Stacy and her family are committed to land conservancy and community service.